We understand the industry’s unique needs and challenges

About Us

SiteWatch is a fully-licensed and insured security company with over 25 years of experience in providing gate guards, access control and security services for the energy & construction industries. We understand each industry’s unique demands and challenges and can provide a variety of options to meet every clients need. We respond quickly to even the most remote sites while safely providing superior service, security and enforcement of site specific rules and regulations.

SiteWatch understands safety and security are major concerns for companies, which is why we only provide highly trained personnel, top-of-the-line support equipment and the technology required to get the job done safely and effectively

Drilling Locations

Processing Facilities

Construction Projects

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Wind & Solar Farms

Ranch Security

Pipeline Projects

Lay-down Yards

Environmental Projects

Areas we serve: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, South Dakota, Florida, South Carolina, and Wyoming.